Friday, August 25, 2006

More yarn

I finished the ballet camisole, and *I* think it looks great. Even if the photo sucks.

I chopped off my head-the expression on my face would have scared small children.

What happens when you have a sick day, and you can't tolerate any more Young and the Restless on TV?

You order yarn, of course.

Lisa Sousa Sock! in Earth birth and Grendarme.

A bit of BFL roving in 'Lagoon' from Black Bunny Fibers to spin up:

Speaking of Black Bunny Fibers, check out the KAL hosted by KnittyD and the City...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who is this Lucy?

So Darwin was jealous that Blue Moon Fiber Arts made a skein of Socks that Rock! for Lucy.

So while I'm no Blue Moon or Black Bunny, I figured I have to appease the kitty.
He's checking it out...

Kinda looks like me...

He's bored allready.

(Cushing's Perfection Dye mixed with some lemonade drink mix on Monty's 3/9 merino. The gray is showing up a little too blue, and the tan isn't showing well at all. Darn flash.)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


So here it is, my Keepsake shawl progression:

Thanks Rhonda, Lisa and Lisa!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rosies knitting circle: koigu alert

Tomorrow I'm rounding up the koigu stash and dragging it to Rosies. Perhaps I should hire a sherpa.

I want to lay it all out and decide what I'm going to use for the keepsake or the charlotte's web shawl (I haven't decided which yet). Please come and help me- I don't trust my color sense here.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

35 going on 12

Why yes, Wednesday was my birthday. Thanks to everyone who noticed- I think it was a record of well wishers this year.

I had a good day off (I like to take the day off when I can). I had a lovely massage, a pedicure, sushi dinner and watched the Pirates of the Caribbean Two. After all, nothing makes you feel better about getting older then a Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom sandwhich.

Hubby took me to visit RELoad, the kings of custom, artist-made messenger bags. I got to order one with pockets for knitting, velcro free, and with custom applique. I'll get it in September sometime, but I'll show you the graphic when the artist sends me the proof.

Dad sent me this robotic dinosaur:

Because I love dinosaurs and toys. Someday I'll grow up. Not.

Mr. Dino loves to scare the snot out of cats. He also had an adventure at work with a few unfortunate grad students! He also seems to like finished socks.

Oh yes, socks. My first toe up pair, and they won't be the last! Look at the obsessive compulsive stripe matching:

I'm working along on the Ballet Camisole. It will be great, but the stockinette is a bit of a snooze. Looks like a big red circle now, so I won't bore you with the pics.

I am behind in posting pics of the great Doily Monkee sent me for eating that grub:

and my finished quivit scarf:

That's all for now!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DIY double point holders

Don't need 100 black caps? Now you can buy fancy beaded ones at my Etsy store

It's hard to believe it from my stash, but sometimes I like to be frugal.

These little critters are StitchKeepers by Rollie

It's two caps with elastic holding them together so they hold your stitches on your DPNS and keep you from stabbing yourself. Genius.

When I saw these for sale for $6 each (plus shipping) I thought I could do better, especially since I wanted them in multiples.

Project Cost: About $8 to make 50 pairs! (Great for secret pal friends)

Project Time: About 5 minutes for each pair

Skill: You need to be able to not harpoon yourself with the needle.

Vinyl Caps: (1" tall inside, 3/8" diameter fits sets of 5 DPNs to US 3)
I ordered from The MSC Industrial Supply catalog for $2.95 for a package of 100 (part number 31992183). Hardware stores would have them too. To avoid funny looks while looking for them, tell the hardware store employee they are commonly used to protect people from protruding screws or metal rods.

Elastic cord: I used clear beading elastic or any other strong, thin stretch cord.
(Photos are taken with colored yarn so you can see. Hard to take photos of clear elastic, ya know).

Super glue, if desired.

Sharp pointed, heavy duty large eyed sewing needle that you can thread your elastic through.
Scissors to trim the elastic

1) Thread cord through needle. Squeeze the cap in half with your fingers, or squish it flat on a cutting board. Carefully Poke through the cap about 1/4" away from the opened end, keeping the cord close to the top of the cap. Draw cord through.

2) Secure the ends of the cord in a double knot. You can use a dab of super glue on the knot to really secure it, but I haven't found it necessary.

3) For the other end, repeat Step #1, threading the other end of the elastic through another cap. Don't secure or trim the cord yet!

4) Place both endcaps on your favorite DPNs. Determine how much cord *under tension* you will need to hold your caps on. I do this by gently pulling on the elastic cord, taking up the slack until I think it looks good. It doesn't take much tension to hold the caps on well. When your satisfied, tie the other end of cord. Remove the caps from your DPNs if you want to glue as in Step 2.

5) All done!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My sock kit pal rules

edit: The Lisa Souza is indeed 'wild things' and the STR is 'Lagoon'. Did STR stop naming the yarns after minerals?! That's sad.

I am convinced I had the best sock kit pal. Check it out:

Here are the totes she made for me. Is the fabric perfect or what?

The little pouch was filled with tons of goodies, and the bag was filled with tea and chocolate (eaten):

Also, one of three balls of yarn, that blue Online. But I also got some LiSa SouZa yarn. It's very squishy, I may need more.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, Socks that Rock! I finally get some to try! (squeee!)

Isn't she great!?!? Thanks pal Kristen!!

Before I moved, I purchased some things from Knitpicks. From the random change I found I ordered the fancy-schmacny new interchangeable needles. Like many others, I'm in love. They are not too heavy, the join is great, and they are seriously pointy. Plus, I love the little folio they come in. I'm going to order more pages next time.

I also ordered the new silk and wool sock yarn, Gloss:

The blue one if for me, the beige is for my hubby. It feels great, and has a nice subtle sheen. I won't get to it for a month or so, but I'll let you know how it knits up.

I also ordered a batch of Shine Sport for the Magknits ballet camisole. Shine is a great yarn, and if you hate cotton, try this stuff. The modal makes all the difference. It may have a slight splitty tendency, but the new needles eliminated any trouble for me.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The major freak out is over. Our landlord is a good guy actually, and fixed some things. The musty smell dispersed after a few days with the windows open. My apartment still resembles a storage facility, but I can almost walk around now. If I could drop a stick of dynamite in the bathroom, I think it would be fine.


I've lost interest in all my 'along' activities.

The Knitty ABC photo-along- I have some photos but can't seem to post them.

The Mystery Stole-I got behind and I'm just not digging the pattern after the first chart, no offense. I think I'm going to rip it out and forget it. I have other lace to fry (but none on my needles- I'm too brain dead for lace right now).

The finalists from the "Amazing Lace" seem randomly selected. I just really wonder why, given such a large pool of creative entries, half of what are picked make me (and other members I've talked to) go 'meh'. I'm sure it's not easy to pick and go over hundreds of entries, and I do applaud the effort. The results/voting part just is not exciting me.

Happiness Happens

If your bored too and looking for some new, hot joiny action, KnittyD and Wendy have decided to stop casting on and 'stop' buying yarn for August. Can they do it? Can I do it? I casted-on the ballet camisole from Magknits right before the start (hey, I ripped one project, so I didn't add anything). I also reserve the right to one fiber treat for my birthday this month.

Yarn P)rn

I know, all yappin' and no pictures make Sherry a boring blogger. I have some photos coming up in the next few days, I just can't deal with going outside in the 100 degree heat to take them. I have some of the new Knitpicks yarn, the fancy-ass Knitpicks interchangeable needles, and an amazing package from my Sock Kit Pal to show you.