Thursday, November 13, 2008

Acronyms of the Month

What is with all the goofy, lengthly and unpronounceable 'along' acronyms I'm seeing lately?

Some examples:

NaNoWriMo: national novel writing month
NaKniSweMo: national knit a sweater month
NaBloPoMo: national blog posting month

Why not just POMO, SWMO and NOMO?

The glory of an acronym is that it shortens a name, phrase, etc. That's why TLA's (three letter acronym) are so popular. They are quick and easy to say and figure out WTF they mean.

These NaMo things make my eyes hurt tying to translate. Hint: Using case changes in acronyms? If caps are needed so they are interpretable as more then just alphabet soup, they are missing the point of being an acronym.

Please, nah mo NaMos!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yarn goes in, yarn goes out

So, let's revisit the yarn stash, shall we?

Once I got onto Ravelry, I indexed every full skein of yarn. This was good and bad. It was good, because I now know what I have on hand at all times. Even traveling, since I can see the contents my stash using my iphone. I know if I have x yards of something appropriate if I see a project I must have.

The bad side, is that I know how much yarn I have. Blerg. I realized I needed to exhibit more self control if I actually would like to knit some of this someday. Especially sock yarn. My goal is to keep my fiber and yarn (minus whole fleeces) contained in the storage unit I bought.


I added 4 more baskets on top. It's getting tight in there! Mostly because I joined two fiber clubs, and I need to spin some of it up now.

So I realize I'm helpless when it comes to yarn buying. I've bought 5 skeins of yarn already this month, and it's only the 11th. Not good.

However, I've been better at using yarn from the stash. I also finished a Clapotis shawl (am I the last person on earth to knit one of these?).


This was using stash yarn from years ago, from my first Maryland Sheep and Wool! So that's 5 skeins of yarn used up.

I'm also working on using 3 skeins of stashed alpaca to make Tararind, a cowl/neckwarmer thingy:


It's quick, keep me warm and will use up stash yarn.

Then, I have been trying to use yarn before it even becomes stash. This is Manos del Uraguay wool in a new colorway 'cornocopia'. It never hit the stash, becasue I just love it so and had to use it right away. Rosies Yarn Cellar's knitting circle got to help pick the colorway, so I feel like it was made for me.


It's the 'cozy V neck' from Fitted Knits. It looks so much better on!

So while I have no control over my yarn buying, I am at least trying to achieve some sort of slow growth/status quo. At least my house won't be taken over by wool, and I can still afford my guitar lessons and other niceties.