Friday, February 18, 2005

41 days

I can't believe it, only 41 more days to go until my vacation to Aussie. I'm now in the safety zone where the trek company for the outback portion of my trip won't cancel. This is good news, since they canceled one tour on me once already.

I'm starting to look at tour books more seriously now for my few days in Sydney and Darwin. Lonely Planet books outline some good walking tours of cities that highlight spots along the way. I think I'm going to start with that, and let my feet take me where they may. Good news is that Aussie cities seem to be pedestrian friendly and Sydney seems to have a great train, ferry and bus system. No worries there.

There are excellent Asian restaurants and seafood in Oz. They also have a huge fish market I want to check out (sushi anyone?). I've been in Philly too long though, and my meals often come from street vendor carts. Looking for some true local tucker and being familiar with good eats that come in truck form, I discovered the famous Harry's Cafe De Wheels. Known for meat pies all over the world, this is the Sydney version of the cheesesteak. Harry's is the Pat's or Geno's of Sydney and tourists come from all over to this humble roach coach, including Colonel Sanders, the chicken tzar!


At 6:03 PM, Blogger loulou said...

I was in Darwin in '99... not too much to do in the city, but lots of trips nearby. The museum there is really good, especially the display about the hurricane they lived through. From Darwin I did trips to Kakadu national park and Katherine Gorge. Both were great!


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