Monday, March 21, 2005

Scratchy scratchy

Someone gave me a sore throat. Oh well, I seem fine otherwise. Better to get sick now then a couple days from now. I'm in kiddy quarantine now- I'm done working part time at the museum until I leave on vacation. Unless one of the undergrads breathes on me at work. I'm becoming a real germaphobe. I tend to get sick any time I plan on having fun.

Perhaps I got the germs while at the Dave Brubeck concert Saturday. It as my first time at the Kimmel Center here at Philly. It was amazing to see this older man rip it up with his jazz quartet. He just came back from a 2 year European tour and is putting out a new album. I think he's at least 80.

I haven't been knitting that much, I've been running errands and getting ready for my trip. I hope to finish my gloves before I leave. I figure it will be just in time for it to be 60 degrees here. I do want to start the socks I'm going to bring with me before I leave.


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