Friday, August 26, 2005

Look, a circle!

Three nights knitting gets you this

It's round...ooooooo.... Posted by Picasa

270 sts on size 4 needles. What was I thinking!?!

Yes, this is the Obsession Union Square Market Sweater. Finally.

I have my first pairs of Bryspun Circular needles. They are great with the yarn I'm using, since I was splitting it before. The alpaca isn't very tightly spun. The flex in the needles is great. The only problem with them is that the join snags stitches like a bear. For this yarn it's worth having to poke the stitches over the join now and then. It's easier then splitting for me, but I can see this becoming very annoying to other knitters. Bryspun, please fix the join! :(

On a happier note, I just had a yarn ordering frenzy. I have birthday money to spend and a SP to spoil! I did get myself a Lantern moon basket and The Knitting Marvelous Mittens book. I plan to make myself a whole wardrobe of fancy fair isle mittens. It will keep me from going blind from the size 4 needles project above. :P I got some yarn too, some for the mittens I mention, some things for xmas gifts, and other goodies for my SP. I'm going to go to Stitches in a month and have nothing that I need to buy!

Speaking of SP, my upstream pal is pretty cool! S/he has sent me a e-card, nice note and is stalking my blog. Thanks for the love SP!


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stalking!!! EEK! That makes me sound! ;)

*Smooches* from your SP


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