Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stitches East

I broke the yarn piggy bank for Stitches east:

Stitches Stash  Posted by Picasa

From left top:
1) Undyed thick and thin yarn that I'm going to dye for the Loopy scarf.
2) See the one little brown ball? That's my (serious) splurge. 210 yards of the softest animal fiber known to man, Qiviuk (Musk ox). Also probably the most horribly expensive. Urgh.
3) Thrum mitten kit with matching roving to tuft into the knitting. Very cool!
4) Pumpkin needle felting kit in a cute little pumpkin bag
5) Wool/mohair for Ella shawl

From Left bottom:
6) Koigu for the falling leaves socks
7) 2 skeins of Anne for the Rosies' Yarn Cellar's half-pi shawl
8) Paradoxial mitten pattern and a skein of black yarn I needed for it.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What visions of loveliness!! Glad you had a "productive" trip to Stitches! :)

Your SP


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