Friday, October 14, 2005

Still here!

I'm still here, honest. I've simply been too lazy to upload any pictures.

Since I've been quiet, my hubby turned 30. We celebrated his birthday with friends at this restaurant called POD. It's a mod retro style- mostly white with weird white furniture. We got one of the 'pod' booths to sit in. It's almost enclosed, like a little chamber with a window to see the rest of the restaurant. The best part is that it comes with about 10 lighting colors for you to pick. You can make the lights red, blue. pink what have you. We messed with the cones in our eyeballs, let me tell you. The food and drinks where good as well.

I've been knitting away, it's getting colder so the need for knitwear is getting urgent! The broad street mittens are done, and I'm done with the USM body and started the sleeve. I hope I don't have fit problems with the sleeves like other's did. I do think the body isn't going to be as form fitting as I imagined, but I have not blocked it yet. I think it will end up being fine in the end.

I'm also working on a prospect for a submission. My test swatches are promising, I'm just hoping it only takes 1 skein of koigu! Next week I may have my 'beta' done. :)

Then I have to work on knitting some gifts. Can't tell you much about them here!!! Major project on deck after the USM is the cabled shrug from Interweave. I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad tweed and am looking forward to having it done before true winter hits.

Oh, and little sweet Darwin killed a mousie for the first time. What a killer!


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Donna said...

Belated happy birthday to husband. Congrats to Darwin, too, on his conquest! Good luck to you with the Knitty submission.

~*~Donna (formerly known as your SP5!)

PS. I have some goodies to send your way and will try to get them mailed this week!


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