Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm still here

I've been busy lately. Dressing up like a pirate and other related Halloween silliness. The Halloween Pirate Cruise is going to become an annual event I think. Dracula's Ball on Halloween night was also cool- lots of great music and costumes.

This weekend my friend Andrew and his Friend David came to Philly to watch the Penn Quakers play football. It was a good time, but they had to leave pretty quickly. I got to work on the neverending 2nd USM sleeve during the game.

Oh yes, the USM sweater that I thought I would have been done with a week ago. I'm well past the point where I want to chuck it out an open window. I think if I push I can maybe finish the sleeve tonight.

I finished writing the pattern for the Thing, and I even found a test knitter for it. I'm very very excited about it! Also, a Thing 2 maybe in the works- a modified version of Thing 1 to go along with it. Thing 2 can also double as an xmas gift for someone I know.

Next on my needles though are those Paradoxical mittens. I'm taking a class with Lucy Neatby on 11/16, so I figure I can get them started now in case I have another Fair Isle disaster. She may be able to bail me out if I have gauge issues- again.

Oh, my computer decided to die about a week ago. I fixed it (bad power supply) but that's why there are still not any pictures.


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