Friday, December 30, 2005

Lazy Land, Part II

I've done nothing, nothing at all this week!

We did see 2 movies, King Kong and Narnia, which are both excellent and worthy of the hype. Otherwise there has been a lot of slugging around the house going on.

I'm a bit less then halfway done with the second paradoxical mitten though. No pictures, but imagine that it looks like the first one. :) I's amazing how much faster it's going the second time around. The familiarity of the pattern is beating out second sock syndrome.

So for xmas I got some cash and an amazon gift certificate that I'm going to promptly turn into knitting stuff. I've bought the Ribby Cardi pattern from ChicKnits to put someplace far down on my 'to do' list. I also bought the Diamond Fantasy stole that I can use my increasing stash of Schaefer's Anne on. I'm also going to buy enough of Elann's Peruvian Collection Sierra Aran to make the Veste Evereste from the fall IK. I had no interest in this pattern untill I saw some finished ones on blogs. IK really needs toget some better pics for some of the designs.


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