Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm just not worked up

Today's blog entry is about knitting things I just don't get all bent out of shape over. IMO, knitting is about a fun and relaxing (if sometimes challenging) time. I don't want to make knitting into politics. I have enough things to get wigged out over, like global warming, the weird rash I still have, and if my husband will get a good job soon.

Trademark Issues
OK, everyone knows about the Sew Fast/Sew Easy deal with Stitch and Bitch. I'm not going to post another summary here. Lots of people like the The Knitting Curmugeon and The folks over at You Knit what? are talking about it. If you don't know about the brouhaha, go read all about it, I'll wait.

It seems like knitters are starting to pull together a posse over this. I just can't seem to get all wound up over it. Do I think SFSE has a case? Not really. Do I think Debbie Stoller is a superhero of knitting to sue SFSE? Not really. She has a very profitable book series that she needs to defend. Nothing wrong with that at all, but she's not spending money for lawyers out of the kindness of her heart either. This is just two businesses duking it out, IMO.

Do I feel sorry for the stitch and bitch clubs selling stuff on CafePress or on Yahoogroups that are being asked to change the name? Sure. But really, is this keeping them from selling a product? Is no one going to buy the local "Knit and Natter" club t-shirt because it no longer says "stitch and bitch?" Are the yahoogroups no longer going to have fun if they call themselves the "knitting Circle"? I doubt it.

IMO, there are plently of important civil liberties cases to donate to if you are so inspired. Cases were someone really doesn't have money to defend themselves. Someone that doesn't have an insanely popular craft book series.

So I do hope Debbie wins, but I'm not grabbing my torch and pitchfork over this.

Knitting Haters

So I like to read snark for a giggle now and then, just like anyone else does. However, there seems to be people who really get Bent Out Of Shape from what other people choose to knit. I will call them Knitting Snobs.

If Granny wants to knit with Red Heart, the 17 year old wants to make a fun fur poncho, who cares? Don't these people have a designer merino fair isle vest to make or something? If all a celebrity wants to do is make an Eros scarves over an over, If they want to join an i-Pod knitalong, who cares? Why does that seem to impact the Knitting Snob's life?

Sure, some things on You Knit What? are really, funny, and the comments are a hoot. It's silly. I'm talking about people who really seem to get upset over what other people are doing. It's Old Skool syndrome. "I don't want to be mixed up with those Fun Fur newbies, I've been knitting arans for 50 years." Really, get over it. It's just yarn! Let them have a good time with what they prefer, and the Snobs can too.

So everyone breathe deeply and cast on...


At 7:05 AM, Blogger somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Love the post! I admit to being a yarn snob when it comes to working with nicer fibers for sweaters and clothes, but I still use Red Heart when it comes to my blankets because of its durability, washability, and wear.


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