Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stupid printer, vests and grammar

I've been having fistfights with the full format poster printer at work. Very annoying. To make a long and boring tech story short, it takes 45 minutes to check a 30 second adjustment to the machine. Of course this is all for someone with a deadline.

The good news is that I can't really wander off and do something else, so instead of chewing my fingernails waiting to see if my latest adjustment works, I've been knitting.


I finished the back of Veste Everest. I don't have any pictures yet, they have to be taken outside due to this yarn color. Good news is that I only used about 4 balls of yarn plus a bit from a 5th. I'm pretty sure that I won't have to order another ball after all.

So I've just casted on for the front. Man, I really have to learn how to convert patterns like this in the round. I really have no burning desire to repeat the long stretch of boring cable rows on the from piece.

I don't spend a lot of time proofreading my blog. I write it, spellcheck it*, read it one more time to make sure I don't sound like a total moron, and then post it. Half-assed, baby.

If you find something wrong, good for you**, you get a cookie***. As far as I'm concerned it's good enough for an informal journal. If your the kind of person that thinks every bit of written communication needs to error free, or if typos send you on a tirade on how our educational system has failed, this isn't the place for you. You can stay if it makes you feel a wee bit better about yourself if you noticed I didn't dot an "I". Everyone needs an ego boost sometime.

* minus the Australian blog, which I was paying a premium per minute for internet access. I just haven't went back and edited it yet.

** This isn't about you, KL. Your friendly typo catching just made me think about this. Really.

*** Provide your own cookie.


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