Thursday, March 23, 2006

Free or fee?

So, I have been thinking of making the lace gauntlets pattern for sale via the Knitting Vault for a small fee.

I know everyone LOVES free patterns. However, I also think that hard work on something creative has a value. I often tell my artist friends they have to charge *something* for work they so often give away for free, so it establishes worth. I'm not saying that art doesn't have intristic value-these people are trying to make a living off their art. Giving it away too often equals that somehow they can afford to dispose of their labor for free.

I spent a lot of time on this pattern, making it just right. I never expected to make a lot of money off them, but I was making them with some compensation in mind. Not that I plan becoming some fancy knit designer, but having a commercial pattern for sale sets a precedence, even if it is self published. So it's better if I decide to try another pattern in the future.

What do you all think?


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I think the gauntlets are pretty. Good luck with selling the pattern! Please post and let us know when it's available.


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