Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here's the vest

Here is my Veste Everest:

(I had to get the daffodils in there. The blotches are shadows, BTW)

It took awhile to make. However, I made 2 hats, a shawl and a felted llama in between. As a reward, the index finger on my left hand hurts, where I push the yarn along the needle. I'm trying to work faster to get to some things I want to do. I guess this is the problem of the mostly monogamous project knitter. There is always a push to finish several projects on the list. I need to slow down.

So last night I didn't knit, and I'm going to chill today too. Not being able to give up knitting all together, I organized my stash and took some photos for "Flash my stash" day. I fought with a few skeins of Anne on the ball winder as well.

Husband's shoulder
Thanks for the well wishes on my husband's shoulder. He's doing better now, and needs to go to physical therapy for a bit now to work on mobility. He can start karate class back up again in a week.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger purlewe said...

I love the vest.. and the sweet felted little llama. (No, I don't think the cat likes it taking up precious room on the indowsill.. but cats are like that.) You sure have been busy with pressies.

I hope we meet up again. I enjoyed talking with you.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger purlewe said...

PS. Sorry about the knitty thing. That just plain sucks.


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