Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Knitting Bag!

I'm so excited! I'm breaking the annual pre-Sheep and Wool yarn diet for this:

Photo by tigerlilith

This is the Zelda tote from Offhand Designs! Offhand makes really nice Vintage fabric knitting bags, but are usually way too rich for my blood. I found someone on a swap board willing to trade the like-new bag above at a reduced value for a bunch of luxury sock yarn!

I don't have a knitting bag because I have never found the right one. It has to be big but not too huge, can't look like a diaper or tapestry bag, has to have a lot of little pockets and no evil yarn grabbing velcro! I was thinking I'd get a ReLoad custom bag someday, but these Offhand bags are just perfect. They have a wide mouth opening that sits flat so you don't have to dig around for things, and no nasty velcro. With this swap, I can actually justify the cost of it! Yippie!


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous yoppie said...

I found your comment about the Selbu mitten website ( on the 'yarnharlot' blog page. I have that gorgeous mitten pattern book- but the book is in Norwegian! Do you know anyone that translates Norwegian into English? This is my very first entry onto someone's knitting 'blog' !


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