Monday, May 08, 2006

Sheep and wool report

Now that I have recovered, here is the full Sheep and Wool report.

I am woefully lacking in photos of friends and the Rosie's Yarn Cellar buses. I also somehow managed to miss every single knit blogger/knittyboard member I was looking for. Including totally forgetting to stop by and get my book signed by Wendyknits.

I think I was so shocked by this.

Wow, more potties at Sheep and Wool! Thank you organizers! Thank you! No more 30 minute waits in the sun just to do your business!

I was happy to see the return of these:

The deep fried twinkie! Exactly what you need to get your energy back up from post-koigu euphoria. If your still hungry plenty of other things on the menu.

If you don't want to eat them, there where plenty of cute animals to pat:

This year I finally made it to the fiber contest winner's barn. I really like this felted fishy bag:

I got to try some spinning wheels too. I think I still want to go with a Louet. I tried many of the other recommended types, but still think the Louet will work just as well. Maybe for my birthday?

All in all, I'm sad it's over. The day always goes by so fast. So does the cash!


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