Friday, July 21, 2006

Better Now

I haven't moved yet. Sometime around 9:00 last night I looked around a sea of cardboard and realized I was only left with the things that are really inconvenient to pack too soon. Like the remaining kitchen stuff, clothes, and the computer. With a whole weekend to go, I can afford stop the frantic packing for tonight, an play poker with my college co-op buds.

I was able to find enough coins during the move to order new sock yarns from Knitpicks and the new interchangable needles. How did Knitpicks know the Stash really needed solid sock yarns?

I've only been knitting on lunch breaks at work, but I'm obsessed with the toe up socks. I finished one with a little picot bind off from WendyKnits too. My camera is lost in Boxland, or I'd take a picture. Close your eyes and pretend.

My favorite cast on is the 'square toe two needle' by far. The other cast ons I've tried make me feel like I'm wrestling an octopus, or require picking up stitches, or a provisional thing. Unless you tend to knit super tightly, I can't see how this cast on can go wrong. If you've been perplexed, hated others, go try this one.


At 7:05 PM, Blogger aija said...

Ooh! Can't wait to hear your take on the KP Gloss...

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

I'm just glad to hear I wasn't the only one still ordering yarn as I was packing up ;-) I did feel a tad guilty for creating more things to pack, but it wore off quickly! Ha ha!

Have a good move!!!


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