Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sucks some more

I promise this won't become a pity blog.

We hate the new place. I mean, we hate it so much it may be worth our sanity to break the lease. We are going to sit tight for two months, and re-evaluate. What sucks eggs is that the day we moved in and realized we had really screwed up somewhere, we had a conversation like this:

"Well, you wanted to move."
"No, you wanted to move to get more space, remember?"
"No, I liked it at the old place. We could have rearranged some things around and stayed."
"But I asked you if you wanted to move, and you said yes!"
"That's because I thought you wanted to."
"No! I loved my old place!"

So we didn't have to move at all. Can I tell you how depressed we are right now? We have TONS of stuff and no place to put it all, and will be digging out for a long time to come. For nothing.

We especially didn't have to move into this musty smelling, tiny closets, nasty floor, painted shut windows, grungy old bathroom, kitchen with not enough cupboards place. People, don't look at apartments at night!! What looks quaint when it's dark apparently looks different in the daytime. Don't let square footage fool you into thinking you have lots more usable space, either. My old place was smaller, but I had two huge closets and a giant kitchen.

The (only) upside is that my assessment of the neighborhood was correct and the people there are very friendly and nice. What you think of when you think of a good city neighborhood.

I'm so depressed and mad at myself I can hardly function normally. Today I get to make another stop to finish cleaning the SWEET place we gave up. Then back to the warehouse in the ghetto to wrestle with boxes another night. Yay.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Lord knows you read my regular pity party blog when I was moving--so I'm more than happy to commiserate.

I say go for a lease breaker if you can afford it. Yes, in some cases you can put a pricetag on happiness esp. when it comes to where you're living. Give it two months, only unpack what you have to and in the meantime keep looking for other places...and only tour them during the day! ;-)

I feel your pain, I've forfeited a large kitchen and a closet moving down here. But I just always keep in mind that its not permanent....only 2 years!

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Sherry, I am so sorry to hear that it was all in vain and that you both hate it. Sending hugs your way!!


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