Sunday, September 03, 2006

New and old

Here is a jaywalker, finished. Once again, perfectly decent knit socks look weird off my feet. One more sock foot to go. I hate knitting the feet.

I messed up the increase/decrease pairs on the chevron pattern when I changed to the short row heel. It could have been a Wendy's 'fast and wrong' segment on her podcast. I didn't notice it was getting smaller and smaller until I got near the toe. So I ripped it and decided a plain foot was fine.

The weather has become cooler, so Lenny (my wheel) and I have been spending some time together. This is some self-dyed BFL, and my first time Navajo plying. I guess it's around DK.

It's uneven and I'm underspinning the finer singles a bit too. I did reach my goal of making a 'striping' yarn, and I am getting better. Perhaps I'll make a diagonal scarf with it. I hope before the next sheep and wool to be able to spin evenly enough for sweater quantity. I'd love a cushy targhee pullover.

I started my husband's socks out of Knitpicks new yarn Gloss. I promised I'd write a mini review for some of you.

Gloss is %70 merino and %30 silk blend. Besides a bit of sheen, it behaves pretty much like standard merino yarn. The solid colors have a ever-so slight heathered effect when knitted up, which I enjoy, and the fabric is pleasing. It doesn't want to split (my test- kfb increases on US1). It's a four ply yarn and while it's not spun as tightly as a yarn like koigu, it is spun more tightly then most of the other knitpicks yarns like Palette. Only time will tell how it wears, but I suspect it may pill a bit on hard wearing areas like socks. We'll see. I want to pick up some Regia silk at Rosie's eventually to compare it with.


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

I like the plain foot! That's how I was going to do mine because I know I'll eff up the chevroning after I pick up the stitches for the heel and do the arch decreases. But I think it will work out just fine--after I started knitting it, those ridges are pretty profound, I don't want those on my feet.

That homespun looks great! At first I thought you were taking pictures of the yarn you frogged on the jaywalker! The colors look similar (on my monitor at least!)


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