Sunday, January 28, 2007

Even the muggles know it

We keep it a little cool in our house. I think it's more stubbornness then being frugal. Why pay PGW what we can keep?

The problem is cold hands. Cold hands mean less knitting and less bass playing. See anything familar in this picture?

Besides the three visible shirt layers, there are my new fingerless mitts!

So I ask my husband if I can make him a pair. There is plenty in the stash. Does he know what color he wants? I ask, trying to narrow it down.
"I want that colorful yarn my hat is made of." he says, quite certain.
"That's Koigu." I tell him with a smile. we stash dive into my mill ends until he finds a gray green. I had bought that color thinking of him anyway.
See, Koigu is so good, even the muggles know it.

So I swatch and figure out the right number of stitches I need. I cast on, worked a few rows. I had him try it on. Too big. I yank out he DPNS and rip the rows back. 'Oh no!" he exclaims. I cast on less and try again. Still too big. "Not again! That would just kill me!" He winces as I wind back the few rows. I tell him that's why I only knit a little, and it was OK and part of the process. I think he can tell there is no joy in repetitive swatching. Even the muggles know it.


At 10:27 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I'm sorry, that's gotta be one of the best stories ever! It's not like you knit the whole thing and then had him try it on! Ha ha! Muggles indeed!

But now you've got me wondering if my base playing little bro might need a pair--it gets cold in AK too!

At 8:24 AM, Blogger AR said...

hehe, Great post!


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