Friday, May 04, 2007


If you want to find me at Sheep and Wool tomorrow, I'll be wearing a Phillies (red) cap and will have a big yellow flower pinned on me someplace for Carrie. I think I'll show up at the blogger meetup. I was too chicken last year.

My Shopping List
I'm always amused with what I come back with compared to what I expected to buy.
I usually end up not finding half what I'm looking for, and get 10 other things instead. So here is my 'shopping list'.

Koigu (sorry if I nudge, trample or grab at the booth)
Fiber and Mohair locks
Wheel treadle replacement part
Size 2 and 1 6" Crystal Palace DPNs
Latern Moon Sox stix
Kookaburra wool wash
Seldrige farms yarn
Handy Andean plying tool
Earthhues dyes/neutrally dyed fiber
Ellen's Half pint farm lightweight

Tips for newbies
You will either get so overwhelmed you'll buy everything or won't buy a thing. Just a warning.

If you want Koigu or Socks that Rock, be there as the gate opens Saturday and hustle to the first choice vendor. Chances are you can't hit both, they sell out int he first hour or two.

Bring water. I am not a water bottle toting type (I get my liquid from coffee). I've almost killed myself at Maryland at year's past. Something about the shopping makes you parched.

Toilet lines are long, but the port-o-potties are faster and usually pretty clean. Suck it up, it's precious wool shopping time your wasting.

Bring cash- it's faster and some vendors only take it.

Wear comfy shoes, sunblock, a hat. It's May, you haven't seen the sun all winter.

Sit down for a few minutes once and a while early in the day so you can keep up the pace. Once again, I'm almost killed myself in years past rushing around.

Bring snacks in case you get the desire to keep shopping through lunch. If you want to eat at the vendors, eat early to avoid lines.

If you see something you really must have, buy it on sight. Things sell out FAST.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Even though I'm not doing Maryland, I'll probably hit Rhinebeck. These seem like handy tools for any larger fiber fest.

Can't wait to see how what you bought matches up to the shopping list ;-)

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Carry said...

When and where is the blogger meet up? I chickened out last year too.
I'll be looking for you.

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