Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My Etsy shop
My etsy shop is updated. Go buy some stuff! Lately my etsy shop sustains my yarn and fiber buying, Which is good. Especially since refrigerators, decks and a new floor joist.

I got up bright and early to meet the home inspector, and it looks like the house won't fall down anytime soon. We need to get a boiler/chimney inspection, but hopefully the boiler just needs an adjustment. Most other things are odds and ends. Have you heard of a perfect house? Nope. The nice thing is, you know it's been there for 80+ years and it will be there for 80 more. You can't say that about these new McMansions.

Anyway, I'm tired. This real estate stuff is mentally exhausting. Then as a finale your rewarded at the end with moving all your earthly crap.


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