Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yarn Mecca

Last weekend 5 intrepid knitters rented a minivan and trekked the 5 hours to WEBS, an Alpaca farm, Northhampton Wools, and a weekend with Lisa's family. Lisa has a summary of the events and more pictures. So I'll just add some comments.

One, I had a cold, and the ladies let me come and sneeze all over them anyway. What a swell bunch of gals.
Webs is crazy. It's a yarn, spinning, weaving store with a warehouse out back. I think at first we where overwhelmed and had empty baskets.

I mean this is a place where they supply shopping carts for yarn.
Soon, we came to our senses and the yarn fights began.
No, actually we were well behaved. There was enough for all and fisticuffs where avoided.
At the end of the day we where surprised to see we had all purchased a rather reasonable amount of yarn. (I'll tell you what I got later).

Northhampton is a cute college town, with lots of shops and pubs.
It reminded me of Ithaca where I grew up.

The next day, boosted by Jeanie and Ed's delicious home cooking, we went to Southwind farms, home of some very pampered cuties.



We bought some very reasonable farm fresh roving and yarns too! It was worth a few detours to get there!

Thanks Regina, Marissa and Lisa for driving, Rhonda for teaching me what a 'pants role' (not roll) is, and everyone thanks for the fun and good company.


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